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Dr. King is a licensed psychologist in Ogden, UT.  She conducts court-ordered Child Custody/Parent Time Evaluations.  She is not currently accepting requests for child or adult evaluations outside the context of custody evaluations.  She is not currently accepting Special Master or Parent Coordinator cases, or new therapy patients.

Child Custody/Parent Time Evaluations

Custody and Parent Time Evaluations are typically ordered by a court when parties are unable to reach an agreement about custody, parent time, and related issues.  The purpose of evaluations is to assess the needs of the child and the ability of each party to meet those needs.  Recommendations are made to assist parties with decision making.

For additional information see the documents on the Forms page of this website.

This website and its offerings do not constitute an offer of the practice of law.  No information sent to Dr. King in any inquiry for information is protected in any way by attorney-client privilege.