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           Dr. King is a clinical psychologist in Ogden, UT.  She conducts Child Custody/Parent-Time Evaluations.  She also serves as a Parent Coordinator and a Parenting/Coparenting Counselor.

Child Custody/Parent-Time Evaluations

          Custody/Parent-Time Evaluations may be ordered by a court when parties are unable to reach an agreement about custody, parent time, and related issues.  The purpose of evaluations is to assess the needs of the child and the capacity of each party to meet those needs.  Recommendations are made to assist the parties and the court with decision making.  (See Utah Code of Judicial Administration, Rule 4-903.)

Parent Coordinator

          Parent Coordinators are appointed by the court to serve in child custody and parent-time matters.  The Coordinator’s role is to consult with the parties and make recommendations to them about any aspect of parenting or coparenting in order to help them serve the needs of their children.  The Coordinator does not have decision-making authority and recommendations are not binding.  (See Utah Code of Judicial Administration, Rule 4-509.)

Parenting and Coparenting Counseling

          This service is like the work of a Parent Coordinator in that guidance with any aspect of parenting or coparenting is provided.  However, this work is not court ordered, is confidential, and the counselor asks parties to agree not to subpoena records or testimony.  It is for individuals or parties who wish to participate together.  

Please contact Dr. King to receive additional information about these roles and services by first emailing her.


Mailing address:  PO Box 102, Willard UT 84340

Office location:  3544 Lincoln Avenue, Suite G, Ogden UT 84401

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